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031 – Scalable leads with promoted content with Daniel Daines-Hutt

By James | January 16, 2019

This is one of the most actionable episodes to date. It gets a little bit technical, but I’m telling you, it’s worth it. I have a bunch of notes from this chat with Daniel that I plan on implementing in our business. Daniel Daines-Hutt from Amp My Content digs into a scalable, simple way to … Read more

030 – From side hustle to quitting your job with Kyle Van Deusen

By James | January 9, 2019

If you’re building your business on the side right now, this episode is for you. Kyle Van Deusen joins in again to talk about how he built up his web business, starting from a side hustle until quitting his job. I also weigh in with how I went through the same process. We discuss saving … Read more

029 – Get involved with online communities to grow your business with Kyle Van Deusen

By James | January 2, 2019

Kyle Van Deusen has built amazing relationships through a variety of online communities – mostly Facebook groups. This has lead to more work, a network for getting problems resolved and business support. These are all things we all could do with more of. Kyle said it best himself: “A lot of “us” are going at … Read more

028 – Find solid partners for outsourcing and referrals with Chris Castillo

By James | December 26, 2018

While the general topic of this interview was meant to be “how to find solid outsourcing partners”, Chris and I ended up talking about so many different pieces of agency life. Chris explains how he’s grown his business so far, taking it from a one man band to working with outsourcing partners and finally hiring … Read more

027 – Double your business in 90 days with Hahna Latonick

By James | December 19, 2018

This interview was freaking amazing. I came out with so many notes that I want to implement for Content Snare, even though the advice was directed towards agencies. We cover a bunch of lead generation strategies for agencies with the common theme of building yourself up as a trusted authority for whatever industry you specialise … Read more

026 – What clients want from digital marketing with Kristen Herhold

By James | December 12, 2018

Kristen is a content marketer at Clutch, an agency directory site that help agencies with lead generation. In this interview we chat about a couple of recent posts of theirs that are based on survey data across a range of small businesses. The surveys uncover what digital marketing channels are most important to them, and … Read more