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096 – Task management and email productivity with Gina Horkey

By James | May 20, 2020

This interview with Gina Horkey digs into two of the most important productivity strategies – managing your task list and email inbox. Given how much these two systems govern everything we do, there are usually huge opportunities for improvement.  Resources mentioned in the episode Eisenhower MatrixRocket Fuel Connect with Gina FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInInstagramYouTube About Gina Gina Horkey … Read more

095 – Authenticity and the benefits of staying small with Robey Lawrence

By James | May 13, 2020

Robey runs Bearded Friend, a small agency with a unique brand. This is a casual chat about leaning into the fact that you’re a small agency and why there’s no need to pretend you are bigger than you are.  Resources mentioned in the episode Human to Human Marketing Why you should have a personal brand … Read more

094 – Managing customer expectations with Kieran Browning

By James | May 6, 2020

When your customer’s expectations don’t align with what you deliver, things don’t end well. In this interview with Kieran Browning, you’ll learn several ways to make sure everyone is on the same page and avoid messy situations.  Resources mentioned in the episode Kieran’s site Connect with Kieran LinkedIn About Kieran My whole career I have … Read more

093 – Selling high ticket projects with Chris Williams

By James | April 29, 2020

This is one epic interview for digital and creative agency owners. Chris Williams lays out his system for closing high-ticket deals. There were so many nuggets in here – give it a listen to learn how you can make more money while working less.  Resources mentioned in the episode Elite Agency Facebook Group Elite Agency … Read more

092 – Personalized video converts clients and creates advocates with Matt Barnett

By James | April 15, 2020

Matt Barnett is Papa Bear from Bonjoro – an awesome tool that makes it super easy to send personalized video to people. You’ll learn about a bunch of different ways you can use video to get more business and create raving fans.  Resources mentioned in the episode Superfans Fanocracy Connect with Matt Twitter About Matt … Read more

091 – An agency that thrives without a website with Victoria Walker

By James | April 8, 2020

Victoria Walker joins the show to talk about how her agency thrives without even having a website. That may sound crazy, but once you hear how her clients find her, it makes perfect sense.  Connect with Victoria Facebook Instagram About Victoria Victoria is a digital business strategist, transformational teacher and certified flow consultant helping heart-centered … Read more