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130 – Retaining clients through technology with Shaun Clark

By James | May 26, 2021

Shaun Clark from GoHighLevel joins the show to talk about client retention. Selling technology to clients is an under-utilised channel by agencies, yet it can be highly lucrative. On top of that, it can make them more likely to remain a client, even while they’re taking a break from your services, making it easier to … Read more

129 – Agency differentiation and CRO as a service with Peep Laja

By James | April 15, 2021

Peep Laja from CXL joins the show to tackle two awesome topics.  First, you’ll learn how you can differentiate your agency from the thousands of others out there. Everyone talks about niching down, but few dig into the “how” to the level that Peep shares in this interview.  Second, if you’ve thought about offering, or … Read more

128 – How to get clients through YouTube with Rob ORourke

By James | February 10, 2021

A YouTube channel can help you land clients easier than you might think. Rob ORourke from Fox Web School shares how that can be so, as well as tips on how to start your channel, get more subscribers and what equipment to use.  Resources mentioned in the episode Fox Web School YouTube Brian Dean on … Read more

127 – How to hire amazing people with Anna Shcherbyna

By James | February 3, 2021

This is an absolute beast of an episode. Anna Shcherbyna from Remotivate joins the show to share a start-to-finish playbook on how to hire amazing employees.  The conversation covers where to go to find people and all the steps to go through to make sure they’re a great fit before you hire them.   Resources mentioned … Read more

126 – Embracing imposter syndrome and fear with Freshbooks co-founder Mike McDerment

By James | December 23, 2020

If you deal with imposter syndrome and fear in your business, you’re in good company. Today’s guest, Mike McDerment, is the co-founder of Freshbooks. His company has a team of 500 and he still faces it on the regular.  In this episode you’ll learn how to put a positive spin on imposter syndrome to grow … Read more

125 – Create and automate a reviews service with Garrett Sussman

By James | December 17, 2020

If you’re on the lookout for new services you can add to your agency with very little effort, this is a great episode for you. Garret Sussman from Traject shares how you can add reviews and reputation management as a service. These can be an entire service offering on their own, or act as a … Read more