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008 – Stop asking clients to log in

By James | August 8, 2018

A quick episode this week. I talk about the problems with asking your clients to log into your systems instead of just sticking with what they already know. You'll also learn about systems you can use that bridge the gap between email and your systems. Mentioned in this episode Content Snare Teamwork Projects & Desk

007 – Amplify your agency with products and build an audience with Josh Hall

By James | August 1, 2018

This is an interview with Josh Hall. Josh is a professional web designer, owner of In Transit Studios and blog author for Elegant Themes. Josh loves Divi, he loves WordPress, he loves the business of Website Design and has been fortunate to be able to build a successful career around all 3. He runs … Read more

006 – Quitting an agency to double income in 6 months with Toni Taylor

By James | July 25, 2018

Just wow. I jumped on a call with Toni because she told about some wins she’d had in her business. Little did I know how well she has done to be able to double the income that she received working for another agency, in such a short time. This call blew me away and there’s … Read more

005 – Get more clients by specializing with Troy Dean

By James | July 17, 2018

I interview Troy Dean, the founder of WP Elevation, on how to position your web design agency to get more clients. To jump onto the next WP Elevation intake and get a bunch of free training, visit this page. 01:25 What WP Elevation do 02:00 Intro to Troy 05:30 Bursting the bubble 06:00 The most … Read more

004 – Write amazing proposals with Adam Hempy

By James | July 10, 2018

This is an interview with Adam Hempy from Better Proposals. Turns out the owner of proposal software knows a lot about writing proposals. Who knew it!? You'll learn: How to make writing proposals suck less A very important question to ask BEFORE writing the proposal How to find things that your client is worried about … Read more

003 – Work Less Make More with James Schramko

By James | July 6, 2018

Get James' Book Here In this interview, James Schramko talks about working less and making more, which also happens to be the title of his new book. I've been following James for 7+ years and his advice has pushed me in the right direction on many occasions. We discuss a bunch of topics like how … Read more