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090 – The benefits of downsizing + COVID chats with Nick Gulic

By James | April 1, 2020

A relaxed conversation with Nick Gulic about how and why he downsized from 7 person agency to just himself. We discuss how that’s resulted in more profit, less stress and Nick getting to work on what he actually enjoys.  We also have a big chat about COVID-19 and how agencies can come out of these … Read more

089 – Lead generation using podcasts with Steve Gordon

By James | March 25, 2020

Sometimes it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to stand out as a digital agency. In this chat, Steve Gordon from Unstoppable CEO shares a strategy that has worked extremely well as a lead generation and conversion strategy.  It also happens to be a strategy that many well-known marketers use, which should give you … Read more

088 – A new way of building websites with Candy Phelps

By James | March 18, 2020

Candy Phelps from Bizzy Bizzy runs a unique kind of creative agency. They build great websites in a single day – including copy, design and development. They create such an amazing experience, some clients cry at the end of it (in a good way!) This episode will get you thinking about some new ways of … Read more

087 – Growing an agency from Zero to $2M+ with Joe Fox

By James | March 11, 2020

Joe Fox from LightHouse8 joins the show to share his story of growing an agency from zero to $2+ million. The best part is that what Joe did, any agency owner can do. There’s no rocket science, trickery or BS. Just good business.  Resources mentioned in the episode LightHouse8 Connect with Joe LinkedIn About Joe … Read more

086 – Avoid these 4 profit killers for agencies with Nev Harris

By James | March 4, 2020

Ever find yourself struggling to pay expenses despite a good month of revenue? You’re not alone. This is a problem many agencies encounter at one point or another. Nev Harris joins the show to talk about money management, cashflow and how you can avoid 4 of the biggest profit killers for agencies.  Resources mentioned in … Read more

085 – Video marketing for agencies with Ben Amos

By James | February 26, 2020

Video is a great way to stand out, get in front of more prospects and convert them to clients. In this chat, Ben from Engage Video Marketing covers how to make video work for you and what platforms to do it on.  Resources mentioned in the episode Soapbox video editor VidYard’s recorder Connect with Ben … Read more