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108 – Do less work and make more money with value-based pricing with Jonathan Stark

By James | August 12, 2020

Do less work and make more money with value-based pricing with Jonathan Stark

107 – Productive team meetings with Kimberly Lipari

By James | August 5, 2020

Do team meetings feel like a waste of time? Kimberly Lipari from joins the show to explain how they’ve changed their team meetings to run much more efficiently. Resources mentioned in the episode Website – Connect with Kimberly LinkedInFacebookTwitter About  Kimberly My name is Kimberly Lipari and I live just outside of New … Read more

106 – Metrics to track with Michael Wark

By James | July 29, 2020

Michael Wark from Bean Ninjas joins the show to talk numbers, profitability and team culture. There were a lot of nuggets in here including what numbers to track, how to get your cash flow in order and maintaining culture in a remote work environment.  Resources mentioned in the episode Search console reporting dashboard Pricing websites … Read more

105 – Creating a portfolio that actually converts with Preston Lee

By James | July 22, 2020

Many agency portfolios end up as a dumping ground for previous projects. In this interview, Preston Lee from describes how you can create a portfolio that prospects actually want to look at and that helps convert them to clients. Resources mentioned in the episode Honeybook post on optimizing your portfolio Related resources Check out … Read more

104 – Using content to get better clients with Martin Huntbach

By James | July 15, 2020

Martin Huntbach from Jammy Digital looks at content in a different way than most agencies. In their agency, content is used as a client filter. Content helps set client expectations and helps clients self-select if they are a good fit. This means they tend to get better clients that are a joy to work with.  … Read more

103 – A productized agency journey with Brian Casel

By James | July 8, 2020

Brian Casel has built a productized agency that only requires 2-3 hours of his work each week. In this interview you’ll learn how he transitioned from a traditional agency into a productized service and ultimately built his SaaS product, ProcessKit.  Resources mentioned in the episode AudienceOps – blog content productized service ProcessKit Process automation for … Read more