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029 – Get involved with online communities to grow your business with Kyle Van Deusen

By James | January 2, 2019

Kyle Van Deusen has built amazing relationships through a variety of online communities – mostly Facebook groups. This has lead to more work, a network for getting problems resolved and business support. These are all things we all could do with more of. Kyle said it best himself: “A lot of “us” are going at … Read more

028 – Find solid partners for outsourcing and referrals with Chris Castillo

By James | December 26, 2018

While the general topic of this interview was meant to be “how to find solid outsourcing partners”, Chris and I ended up talking about so many different pieces of agency life. Chris explains how he’s grown his business so far, taking it from a one man band to working with outsourcing partners and finally hiring … Read more

027 – Double your business in 90 days with Hahna Latonick

By James | December 19, 2018

This interview was freaking amazing. I came out with so many notes that I want to implement for Content Snare, even though the advice was directed towards agencies. We cover a bunch of lead generation strategies for agencies with the common theme of building yourself up as a trusted authority for whatever industry you specialise … Read more

026 – What clients want from digital marketing with Kristen Herhold

By James | December 12, 2018

Kristen is a content marketer at Clutch, an agency directory site that help agencies with lead generation. In this interview we chat about a couple of recent posts of theirs that are based on survey data across a range of small businesses. The surveys uncover what digital marketing channels are most important to them, and … Read more

025 – Mastering design feedback with Andre Gagnon

By James | December 5, 2018

Andre is the founder of Project Huddle, which happens to be the design feedback tool we use and recommend. Andre started out in an agency before a turn of events that led him to developing ThemeForest themes, doing client work and eventually moving on to creating a visual design feedback tool. He shares his lessons … Read more

024 – Agency life and covering your ass with Adam Hempy

By James | November 28, 2018

This goes down as one of my favourite podcast chats yet. I think that’s because it was just that – a couple of mates just talking about agency life. Adam goes into a few stories from his life and agency. Some hilarious, some life threatening. There’s plenty of lessons and tips mixed in about covering … Read more