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082 – 6 steps to keep projects on track and in budget with Beth Livingston

By James | February 5, 2020

Managing your projects more effectively results in more profit, less stress and happy clients. This week Beth Livingston from WPRoadMaps joins the show how you can achieve all three.  Project management is an extremely important yet often overlooked skillset. Tune in to hear Beth’s 6 steps to better manage your projects. It includes some absolute … Read more

081 – Getting the most out of live events with Lee Jackson

By James | January 29, 2020

Going to live events and conferences has the potential to transform your business. In this chat, Lee Jackson and James discuss how to get the most out of live events.  Topics include how to network effectively, how to overcome fear, efficient note-taking and much more.  Get your tickets to Lee’s event, Agency Transformation at … Read more

080 – What neuroscience says about being more productive with Mike Volkin

By James | January 22, 2020

The field of neuroscience can tell us a lot about how to be more productive. In this interview, Mike Volkin discusses proven ways to be more effective with your time.  Resources mentioned in the episode The brain that changes itself Online Pomodoro timer Other resources 3 under-rated productivity tips Freelancer Master Class Website Mike Volkin … Read more

079 – Website care plan success with Kristina Romero

By James | January 15, 2020

Website care or maintenance plans are an amazing source of recurring revenue for digital agencies. Kristina Romero from WPCareMarket shares what most people are doing wrong, how to secure more (and better) recurring clients, what to include and how much to charge.  There’s a LOT covered in this chat and Kristina delivers the goods.  Use … Read more

078 – Next level content marketing with Ray Blakney

By James | January 8, 2020

Ray Blakney runs Infinite Upcycle, a content marketing agency that goes way beyond most. In this interview, Ray basically gives away their entire process from start to finish including keyword research, content creation, social media repurposing and link building. It’s a longer one, but immensely helpful.  Side note… they whitelabel their service which is an … Read more

077 – Why agencies should have a personal brand with Tim Conley

By James | January 3, 2020

Tim Conley has helped digital agencies with growth for 8 years. In this interview, he takes aim at a lot of the standard agency advice that you’ve heard 1000 times. Things like “niche down” and “personal brands aren’t saleable”. There is a ton of actionable advice in here. It start with hiring & managing your … Read more