002 – Pricing websites with Corey Dodd

002 – Pricing websites with Corey Dodd

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Corey and I talk about pricing websites including:

  • How to set prices when you are just starting out
  • What to do if you don't have a portfolio
  • Raising your prices over time
  • Using price anchoring to encourage your client to select the best value option and not shop around with other designers

Corey Dodd is a designer with almost 20 years experience working with large companies such as Nova Radio, national advertising agencies and boutique design studios. His background in working as a creative in digital and tech companies has given him a broad skill set that covers design, strategy and coding. He's passionate about helping others in the design community, especially when it comes to topics around money, pricing and processes. He currently runs Elk Creative, a small design studio from Geelong Victoria, that focuses on delivering custom branding and digital solutions with SME's across Australia.

Resources Mentioned

Dan Mall – Pricing Design
Blair Ennes

Chris Do – The Futur

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1 thought on “002 – Pricing websites with Corey Dodd”

  1. Such a valuable discussion about money, time, quality processes, being direct & clear with the expectations. Thank you Corey!

    In the industry people make such a big deal about pricing – some avoid discussing, some overprice and others underprice their jobs.

    This was a coaching session from my point of view. We liked the honest approach. Of course someone with experience has a clue on regards to budget for a project from the first meeting with the potential client. Keeping people on hold and getting back with an offer is not always creating a lifelong customer connection.

    I think it is valuable for the clients to get an approximation for the service they require. This will give them the understanding of the budget and they can look for a different agency in case they don’t have the budget or they can listen to your proposal and continue working with you.

    On our website we currently use the forms for getting a budget – but after discussing internally we are considering the transparent price range on our website.

    Such a good point regarding cost ! bravo !

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