022 – Using LinkedIn to generate leads for your digital agency with Rob Lowe

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022 – Using LinkedIn to generate leads for your digital agency with Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe runs Cloud Business, where they specialise in LinkedIn lead generation by building up your profile as an authority.

I met Rob the week before this interview and immediately thought that what he does is perfect for agencies.

If LinkedIn is a mystery to you, this is a great interview.

Video Version

We cover:

  • How to set up your profile to get found
  • How to write your headline and summary
  • To write in first or third person?
  • How to build your connections
  • How to build authority and get inbound leads

If you’d like to take up Rob’s service or even white-label it to your clients, reach out to him at one of the links below.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Connect with Rob


About Rob

I have been in the web space for the last 6 years – have experience in SEO, Adwords, and the sales side of web design. I started my own business 2 years ago, called Cloud Business, providing business growth strategies for businesses utilising LinkedIn as a growth medium. Our clients are all over Australia, New Zealand, and across in Asia. I have a team of 17 account managers and operations people – they are the real experts inside the business!

I am proficient in Social Selling, and mentor clients into how best to use this inside their own sales processes, teeing off what Cloud Business does for our clients on LinkedIn.