043 – Grow your agency with webinars with John Ainsworth

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Agency Highway
Agency Highway
043 - Grow your agency with webinars with John Ainsworth

Marketing funnels are a difficult topic. Many questions in our Facebook group center around where to start, or how to create a funnel. I asked John to come on to discuss creating funnels for digital agencies and web designers.

It started out as a general discussion, but we focus on webinars pretty quickly as John has seen insane results with them for him and his clients.

Here’s how you can start out with webinar funnels, keeping things super simple at first.

We discuss:

  • The best performing opt-ins (that aren’t a webinar)
  • Creating specific opt-ins
  • How to decide on your topic for your webinars
  • How to run them
  • What to do if you’re worried no one will show up
  • How to scale up once you’ve got traction
  • Tools to use


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About John

John helps online business owners to sell more to their existing visitors and leads with automated funnels. He specialises in webinar and email marketing funnels. He's sold millions of dollars of services and products for people and has had work featured on the BBC, Guardian and the Telegraph.