069 – Building trust with content curation with Scott Rogerson

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Agency Highway
Agency Highway
069 - Building trust with content curation with Scott Rogerson

Curating content is an excellent way to build trust and stand out from the noise in almost any industry. Tune in to this episode with Scott Rogerson from UpContent to hear about how content curation works in your favor and how easy it is to do. 

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Scott is Founder and CEO of UpContent. His focus centers on the formation of lasting relationships with UpContent’s customers and partners. He is also Lead Scout – helping define the team’s priorities in order to best serve the current, and future, needs of UpContent’s customers. Prior to joining UpContent, Scott was CEO of a marketing agency – seeing first-hand how difficult and time consuming surfacing, triaging, and measuring the impact of a curation strategy can be. Scott's past is in management consulting, internal audit, and private equity. He received an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, with his undergraduate work at Duquesne University.