088 – A new way of building websites with Candy Phelps

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Agency Highway
Agency Highway
088 - A new way of building websites with Candy Phelps

Candy Phelps from Bizzy Bizzy runs a unique kind of creative agency. They build great websites in a single day – including copy, design and development. They create such an amazing experience, some clients cry at the end of it (in a good way!)

This episode will get you thinking about some new ways of doing things that you’ve probably never considered. 

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About Candy

Candy Phelps is the founder of Bizzy Bizzy, an experiential creative company in the U.S. (specifically Madison, Wisconsin). Candy is an author, speaker and passionate entrepreneur who aims to disrupt the industry by revolutionizing the way people work together. Her books include “Grow Your SEO: Search Engine Optimization Even Your Grandma Could Understand” and “1 Day Website: Revolutionize Your Web Design Agency.” She loves tiny and giant things and has been known to eat other people's leftovers.