133 – Productizing outside the box with Kris Croucher

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Agency Highway
Agency Highway
133 - Productizing outside the box with Kris Croucher

Kris from Just After Midnight has productized a service that many would write off as un-productizable. His story has so many practical tips around how to run a productized service in tandem with your existing agency. You’ll learn how to structure your team, common mistakes to avoid, how to create boundaries and much more. 

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Kris is CEO at Just After Midnight ANZ. Kris has worked in digital for over 20 years, for much of it as a member of the executive team of international digital agency Reading Room, leading its growth and sale in 2015. Kris shares a passion with Sam and the rest of the JAM team for building enduring, differentiated and exciting businesses with a culture that their people and customers can’t resist.