relaythat review


RelayThat excels at creating quick and easy on-brand graphics. It's all about templates, rather than moving things around pixel by pixel. You give it your colours, some images and text and choose the template that fits your desired use. There are built-in templates for social media, video thumbnails, blog posts headers, ads and more.


  • Quick and easy
  • No real design ability required
  • Easy to train team members how to use
  • Loads of templates & fonts
  • Keeps your brand colours and images local to each project


  • Inflexible, but that's by design
  • Sometimes you just have to pick something that's close enough to what you had in mind

I've been playing with RelayThat a ton over the last month or so and am absolutely in love with it.

It helps me create quick graphics that match our branding for use on socials, featured blog post images, testimonials and pretty much whatever I want to throw at it.

The founder Craig has been extremely responsive and helpful whenever I've had questions. He's even jumped on calls with me to see what I think and has already taken suggestions and rolled them into the product. Commitment!