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Project Huddle

Easy client feedback on designs and live websites
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Smart Mockups

The quickest and easiest way to add screenshots into devices like laptops, phones and more. There are both stock-photo style scenes (think laptop on desk, or a woman holding a phone), and devices with transparent backgrounds. Great for creating portfolios and demonstrating your work. There are free and paid versions, the latter providing many more options for device images.
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Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos is our go-to stock photo marketplace. It's not free, but it has great pricing and generally has a very similar selection compared with some of the more expensive options. If you don't need a lot of photos regularly, and can't justify a subscription, they often run credit pack deals.
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RelayThat excels at creating quick and easy on-brand graphics. It's all about templates, rather than moving things around pixel by pixel. You give it your colours, some images and text and choose the template that fits your desired use. There are built-in templates for social media, video thumbnails, blog posts headers, ads and more.
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A super fast color scheme generator - just press the space bar. Coolors will generate a scheme of colours that work together. If you find a palette one that's close to what you like, lock-in or adjust individual colours then regenerate the rest automatically. There's even a cool tool to generate schemes from images.
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