the events calendar review

The Events Calendar

The simplest events calendar for WordPress with ticketing options


  • Simple
  • Supports just about everything you could want to do with events
  • Paid ticketing with multiple options
  • Eventbrite tickets support
  • Calendar or list view
  • It just works


  • Not the most flexible option

The Events Calendar is built by one of the most recognisable names in the WordPress space, meaning it is extremely solid and reliable.

It's effortless to get a basic events system running.

Out of the box, there's a simple calendar, event page and handy buttons for attendees to add events to their own Google Calendar or ical.

If you need more than that, it has a TON of features and customisation options that cover things like:

  • RSVPs
  • Ticketing
  • Recurring events
  • User-submitted events
  • Aggregating events from other feeds
  • Great search and filtering