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051 – Selling SEO to your clients with Pete Everitt

By James | June 5, 2019

SEO and websites go hand-in-hand. That’s why many agencies also offer SEO as a service to their clients. In this chat, Pete Everitt and James chat about where to start with SEO, and how to sell it to your clients more easily. — Topics include: How navigation matters in SEORetro fitting SEO to existing websitesWebsite … Read more

050 – Building authority with masterminds with Ronan Leonard

By James | May 29, 2019

Masterminds are one of the most valuable things I’ve done for my business. They have provided me with great feedback, a sounding board for ideas and so much more. Ronan Leonard joins me to talk about what a mastermind is and why you’d consider joining one. We also discuss some good habits that many freelancers … Read more

049 – Working remotely and managing a team with Robby McCullough

By James | May 22, 2019

Robby McCullough has been travelling and managing his business at the same time. This of course comes with challenges. James and Robby chat about the things they wished they knew before working remotely, managing a team while on the road and the gear they travel with. The end of the interview dives into building your … Read more

048 – Increasing your margin with David Braun

By James | May 15, 2019

David Braun has been in the agency game since 2002. Yep. Two thousand and freaking two. He’s also a co-founder of TemplateMonster, Weblium and Drafitum, and speaks at 70+ conferences. So to say he has learned a thing or two is a massive understatement. In this chat, David and James talk about how to increase … Read more

047 – Profit metrics for agencies with Jason Andrew

By James | May 8, 2019

Jason Andrew is a chartered accountant and has over a decade of experience as a business and corporate advisor. He works with a bunch of agencies, helping them to understand their numbers. In this interview we dig into the profit metrics agencies should be looking at, and using your numbers to know when you can … Read more

046 – Using website audits to land more clients with Clifford Almeida

By James | May 1, 2019

Cliff has had a lot of success using website audits to improve their sales process and land more clients. In this interview, we discuss how to best use audits, and what to include in different stages of the sales process. Topics include: What is a website audit? Why is it important? What is included in … Read more