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057 – Design for non-designers with Mor Cohen

By James | July 17, 2019

Mor Cohen teaches design to marketers, web developers and business owners. Design can seem like a higher power or magic to those of us to think we don’t have it as a gift. But with an understanding of the foundations and having the right processes in place, you can create great designs.  In this interview … Read more

056 – Content marketing for digital agencies with Tim Brown

By James | July 10, 2019

Content is an amazing marketing channel that few agencies really take advantage of. In fact, today’s guest Tim Brown was at a conference where the audience were asked “Who gets leads from their website.” Only a few people raised their hand.  In this interview you’ll learn how Tim has been able to acquire a consistent … Read more

055 – Why you need to properly scope your projects with Jason Long

By James | July 3, 2019

Jason Long heads up Brainleaf, a project scoping tool for digital agencies. He joins James to talk about why properly scoping your projects is so important, even though he hates doing it himself.  Naturally, he’s found ways to make it easier and rolled it into Brainleaf. Favourite quote from the episode: “Why are you letting … Read more

054 – How to hire a VA with Gina Horkey

By James | June 26, 2019

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the first step many people take in freeing up some time to work on bigger and better things in their business. Gina Horkey has been training VA’s and helping people find VA’s for years. In this interview you’ll learn where to hire, how to hire and when to know … Read more

053 – Creative ways to use automation in your agency

By James | June 19, 2019

This episode digs into some places you can add automation into your agency. Automation is a great way to free up future-you’s time. There’s an upfront investment of time but it continues to pay back forever. You’ll learn some places to start thinking about automation, like onboarding, client education, feedback, getting testimonials and upselling your … Read more

052 – The importance of UX with Piccia Neri

By James | June 12, 2019

UX is an often overlooked part of web design. Piccia Neri joins the podcast to talk about why UX is so important and how you can use it to differentiate yourself, get recurring income and build better products & websites. Topics discussed include: UX beyond the website Empathy in UX (where it all starts), never … Read more