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070 – Creating apps for clients with Ben Haefele

By James | November 13, 2019

Apps are an untapped revenue stream for many agencies. No-code platforms like Adalo can make it very easy to build apps using only your existing design skills. In this episide, Ben Haefele from Adalo joins the show to talk about how and why you can create apps. Resources mentioned in the episode Adalo Connect with … Read more

069 – Building trust with content curation with Scott Rogerson

By James | October 30, 2019

Curating content is an excellent way to build trust and stand out from the noise in almost any industry. Tune in to this episode with Scott Rogerson from UpContent to hear about how content curation works in your favor and how easy it is to do.  Resources mentioned in the episode UpContent GetRevue Connect with … Read more

068 – Agile project management with Ben Aston

By James | October 23, 2019

Over budget, late delivery and scope creep. Three big swear words for digital agencies. Ben from The Digital Project Manager shares how we can avoid these. You’ll also learn about Agile project management and delivering work in sprints.  Resources mentioned in the episode The Digital Project Manager Best project management tools Connect with Ben Instagram … Read more

067 – Selling with confidence with Mike Killen

By James | October 16, 2019

One of the biggest objections to raising prices or even selling more expensive things is that clients will object. Today Mike Killen from Sell Your Service joins the podcast. You’ll learn how you can sell higher priced services, why it’s so important and an awesome tip on dealing with trolls.  Resources mentioned in the episode … Read more

066 – More profit without more clients with Ben McAdam

By James | September 25, 2019

Ben McAdam is a profit coach. In this interview he shares how you can find more profit in your business without selling more or getting more clients. While this is usually the default way people try to fix their profit problems, there are much easier ways.  Resources mentioned in the episode Quick Profit Hunt exercise … Read more

065 – Data privacy with Hans and Donata from Termageddon

By James | September 18, 2019

Data privacy laws are changing rapidly and vary all around the world. In this episode, Hans Skillrud and Donata from Termageddon join the show to talk about how agencies can help their clients stay on top of the laws and add some recurring revenue at the same time.  Resources mentioned in the episode Get your … Read more